A native of Paris, France, Laurent Koleda began playing and studying piano at the age of 6 at the Conservatory of Classical Music of Paris. He studied there until the age of 18, where, in addition to piano, he also studied classical guitar. A multi-instrumentalist, he has performed as keyboardist, guitarist, drummer and bass in different rock and jazz groups, before evolving into a composer and arranger for different artists and singers.
Currently, Laurent works as music composer for multimedia projects.

Gansu, Au-delà des apparences – Landes Prod.
Yacouba, Hidden Secrets – Landes Prod.
Nyanmar, Génération Espoir – Landes Prod.
Assam, Land of gods – Landes Prod.

Mustang, The Hidden Kingdom – Landes Prod.
Limba, The weights of the evils – Landes Prod.
Cognagui, The path of the ancesters – Landes Prod.
Ramnani, The tattoed of god – Landes Prod. – Arte
Dong, A tribe between earth and sky – Landes Prod. – Arte
Outdoor Adventure Filming Comp. DVD SummitHD Films Prods
La folie low cost – 90” Enquêtes TMC
Sex, Alcohol and Drugs – Investigations and Revelations TF1


Promotional projet for Providore
Russian Standart

Fahrenheit by Pascal Anquetil With Cedric Camus, Alain de Caluelan

The Executioner of Innocents by DMS Debah Films, with Elodie Navarre
Rage Film Animation 3D by Yves Courbet
Cry Film Animation 3D by Yves Courbet
Bollywood And Wine Directed by Donald Farmer and Edward Jordon (music add)
Fallout by Richard Norwood. with Tony Wallace, Ian Cotton
Poesie Del Amor by Olivier VIDAL, with Misha Aznavour, Dora Doll
The Firecracker Film Animation 3D by Yves Courbet
Flying Baby Film Animation 3D by Yves Courbet
Tierce Mineure by Olivier VIDAL, with Claude Dreyfus
Naloos 1 & 2 Film Animation 3D by Yves Courbet
Ainsi soit il by Christophe Leclaire and Vincent Henry
Rencontre Fatale by TNT Prod. by Alain Vartan
Super Trash – Trailer – by Martin Esposito

Jury member : Cannes International Independent Film Festival 2020

Renaud Hantson  Arranger / Guitars


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